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Dish of December - Wagyu ribeye, Japan

A new position that attracts fans of steaks and delights experts of rare breeds has appeared in the "MEAT restaurant. This time, we have in our menu the legendary Wagyu ribeye!

The real Wagyu beef is produced only in Japan, the quantities are limited, and the import is also insignificant. It is not surprising that even in the capital, there are only two or three places where you can try the delicious meat. This Wagyu beef - the privilege of the elite.

Just look at flecked white "marble" veins of Wagyu steak and you will understand its originality and distinction from other beef breeds. A number of tiny specks of fat in the Japanese beef are so large that makes it look like marble. This stunning "marbling", transformed into a hot flame furnace Hosper in one of the most delicious steaks in the world, becomes a gastronomic adventure, which for a long time afterwards will be remembered by meat eaters, making nostalgic dream of a gentle ribeye, quite literally melting in your mouth.

We invite guests of the "MEAT restaurant to join the club of the elected, who know about the true Wagyu.

Dish of November - octopus with roasted sweet pepper and potato cream

Octopus and potatoes - a long-term hit of the "MEAT» restaurant. This month, we have changed the serving, so it has become even more interesting and extravagant. The octopus is fried in fragrant combination of garlic oil and butter and served on a potato cream with roasted sweet pepper, mint and black bread crisps.

The harmony of the dish is in a skilful combination of flavors and textures. Crisp fried meat on the tender potato cream is shaded by spicy taste of sweet pepper. The natural saltiness of octopus is successfully played up by capers, and fresh cherry tomatoes add the necessary freshness in this harmony.

Dish of October - Black Angus Ribeye, Paraguay

The best way to counter the cold autumn wind and drizzling rain - hearty, covered with golden crust steaks just from the Hosper coal furnace fire.

In October, the classic Ribeye lineup of the "MEAT" restaurant has been enriched by an interesting novelty from the heart of Central America - Paraguay. The exceptional qualities of the legendary Black Angus rightfully give it a central place in a steaks culture. Rich flavor and tender, juicy meat of the calves - a real gift to the true Ribeye admirers. A grain diet allows the meat to get the very fat streaks because of which we call it marble steaks.

And all we need now - just to decide what degree of roasting to prefer. Bon Appétit!

Dish of September - homemade desserts

Delicate handmade dessert will turn a bright September, still full of colors and memories of the recent heat, into true magic. Chocolate, cake, sweet cream, fresh berries and nuts - taken together they raise the spirits and help you to go through the first autumn chill.

The “MEAT” restaurant offers to taste delicious cakes, created by the skill of our pastry master. Five classic Russian flavors in the author's interpretation, the five very different desserts to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth. Tvorozhny (or Cottage cheese cake), Medovic (Honey cake), Morkovny (Carrot cake), Kievskiy and the Ptich’e moloko (“Bird’s milk”) - traditional Russian cakes from childhood, and still loved and up to date.

New desserts can be not only tasted in the “MEAT” restaurant, but also be ordered with delivery, directly to the festive table.

Dish of August - Hereford Ribeye, Argentina

Classic cannot get bored!  The “MEAT” restaurant gives back Hereford Ribeye beef - one of the tastiest species with a worldwide and unrivaled reputation as the best meat for steaks. Hereford Bulls grow in lush grass pastures of Argentina, and their meat acquires rich taste with hints of milk, revealed the most at the rare or medium rare roasting.

The “MEAT” restaurant again offers to its guests a fascinating gastronomic game: thanks to the rich menu it is a perfect place to try steaks from different countries and even different continents. However, you can go to even greater extremes: order together a novelty – Argentine Hereford beef and New Zealand Hereford Steak, which has been loved by the guests for a long time. Or, on the contrary, you can order two steaks from Argentina, but - different breeds, Hereford and Black Angus. And then - try, compare and make choices.

It would be better, of course, to go to a tasting in a company of friends, then the view will be more objective, and the discussion about the species will be able to be combined with a delicious dinner. Well, live music sounds in the halls of the restaurant in the evenings will bring you the doubly enjoyable gastronomic exploration.

Dish of July - buffalo mozzarella with roasted tomatoes

Summer caprice and escape from the big-city fuss, overseas delicacies and healthy balanced snack - buffalo mozzarella with roasted tomatoes tasting causes dozens of the most flattering definitions. As if it was created special for the hot days, this dish will satisfy you without bringing even a hint of heaviness, and vitalize you, which is so necessary in the big city.

Dish of June - Black Angus Ribeye Argentina

Guests of the "MEAT" restaurant know that, Ribeye, thanks to its excellent juiciness, is rightly seen the most popular steak among meat-eaters.

Dish of May - Hereford Tenderloin, Ireland

Regular guests of the "MEAT" restaurant already determinetheir gastronomic tastes, they know exactly what to prefer this time: melting marbled Ribeye or Striploin with tender marbling, delicate Tagliata or spicy lamb loin.

The dish of March - lamb tongues with grain mustard and young pea sprouts

Watching through the window the snow melts, and the stem of a thermometer climbs up, one would like to feel the spring coming, even at dinner. So, it’s time to light dishes, fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

Dish of February - cutlet "Kievskaya Rus"

Among the famous steaks collection which glorified the restaurant, some familiar dish, born by culinary art of former times, suddenly appeared. The restaurant’s kitchen rethought the classic recipe, and guests were offered to taste the cutlet "Kievskaya Rus".

Dish of January - New York Kobe steak, Argentina

Marbled, incomparably tender, melting in the mouth - what only incredible epithets are used by the fans to describe the Kobe meat.
In the MEAT restaurant the legend of the gastronomy is presented in two forms.

The Kobe steak, which was recognized by steak fans as a standard of marbled beef, is served in two forms: the New York steak (4500 rub.) and classic Ribeye steak (5500 rub.).
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