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Comment on the website of the restaurant

We celebrated the birth of our son here. Great place. A lot of meat, good meat, and wine. Everything is as it should be for men. The service is excellent. We sat in the VIP and did not notice any presence of the staff at all. We’ll come here to celebrate the first year together with our son.

Comment on the website of the restaurant

Great place with an unexpected location. Everyone usually thinks that the best restaurants are in the center, and here even outside the TTC everything is under control. Good food, competent waiters, you can always invite your friends here. And the music is not that loud as in the fancy venues, you can sit quietly and talk. To sum it up, we will be back.

Comment on Tripadvisor

Wonderful place! One of the best venues serving steaks. Drunk pear for dessert is a worthy choice, you won’t regret! The wine, the atmosphere and the comfort! The staff gets 5+! Wish you good Meat! ;)
Visited in December 2016

Comment on the website of the restaurant

I've never liked lamb, but here I tried the lamb loin and was delighted. Almost took the entire portion from my husband! However, my grechotto with quail was a success too. Special thanks to the waiter Sveta, she is a real professional.  

Comment on Tripadvisor

Very tasty!

And not crowded! I don’t know how it is there in the evening, but at lunch time on Monday, at 2 pm I found myself in a half-empty restaurant. The music is nice and quiet; you can eat something delicious and discuss everything with your partners. I tried two novelties: soup with fois gras and truffle! This is magic! It’s covered with a flatbread of puff pastry. It makes the soup finished! Meat pieces from hot snacks! Delightful, on the greens and sprinkled with sesame seeds! So tender. I felt full till evening, crème brulee was very good.
I recommend.

Comment on the website of the restaurant

The restaurant is beyond all praise. The interior, service, food quality, music – all this is worth 5 points. We’ve been visiting the venue for more than a year and never had any complaints. Highly recommended!

Comment on the website of the restaurant

I am very glad to write a positive review)) A very pleasant restaurant)) Everything is wonderful)) the interior, the food and the staff)) especially the idea with different kinds of salt)) Attaboys))) May the luck be with you)))) Best regards) Valeriy

Comment on Tripadvisor

Wonderful meat restaurant
If you love meat, this is a wonderful place to have this product. The best beef tartar I have eaten in Moscow as well as beef carpaccio. A great variety of steaks! Delicious lamb tongues as a hot snack and many other things. There have recently appeared some fish dishes, both cooked and raw. I recommend the restaurant for those who like tasty food.

Comment on the website of the restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Moscow! Everything is so good! The Interior, music, food. The staff is very polite and attentive! Grow and prosper, good luck!

Comment on the website of the restaurant

A very cozy restaurant with high quality food and friendly staff.

Comment on the website of the restaurant

The steaks are great, the meat is very good and so are the cooks. A rare example for Moscow: they don’t overdo medium-rare. I wish the wine list hadn’t become shorter, but there’s nothing to do with politics. On the whole it’s a straight A, keep it up!

Comment on the website of the restaurant

Good evening! We came across your restaurant when we were just looking for place to have good meals in Moscow. The service is great, food quality is great. We can say that the MEAT restaurant conforms to the international standards of restaurants! Irena, Svetlana and guests from abroad (Finland, Sweden).

Comment on Facebook

Food of great quality, both mains and desserts are arranged with taste! A very pleasant place with live unobtrusive music.

Comment on the website of the restaurant

My favourite restaurant in the neighborhood! The steaks are always fantastic and the waiters are very nice.

Comment on Tripadvisor

Great service, Haute cuisine

The best meat restaurant in the city! High quality and variety of steaks! Here they cook just as they should – in josper on open fire and the steaks are served without any spices or sauces. And a set of spices is given additionally to meat. Exquisite venue! Great atmosphere and professional waiters. It is all organized on the highest level, but it is also costly.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Although it is not located in the center of Moscow, the restaurant boasts very upscale interior, polite staff and delicious delicious meat! We ordered the ribeye and T-bone. It was cooked as requested, the degree of cooking was considered! I liked that meat taste was not spoiled by all sorts of sauces and God forbid, ketchup. Meat is of a very high quality, different spices are suggested when served and they can be added to taste. For appetizers there is a good selection of salads. We saw fish, salmon steak in the menu but still aimed for meat.   Fish lovers could have a treat there too. We were full and happy!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Although I do not quite understand how the restaurant of this level got lost, it could be said, in the outskirts of the city and how it stays in business, I do periodically endorse rubles). Great service, the waiters are trained and will always advise you dishes on the menu according to one’s taste... Menu can fit on a single sheet and periodically updated. The food is delicious, so that at least it is clear that what I pay for. Would not say that there are some gastronomic revelations happen there but food is prepared very good.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Nice place. Delicate service. Cuisine left a contradictory feeling. Perhaps my mood was gloomy or the mood of the one who cooked me a meal. :) In order to understand this I will definitely come back. And for now I will taste a honey cake.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

MMMeat ... Great steakhouse. The space is arranged in two levels, comfortable furnishings. Everything is very delicious. Got a compliment from Chef =) double pleasure. We shall be back! Thank you

Review from Foursquare.com

Carpaccio of venison with berries of sea buckthorn-Bellissimo. The wine is good. Unexpectedly a waiter brought a huge bowl :-) of salad.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Excellent service! The waiter told about the steaks in every little detail - where the meat  come from, what kind of cooking is better to apply. The steaks are delicious and soft and are served with spices, spices - tangerine, basil. We took grilled vegetables for the side dish - a very large portion - for two. I highly recommend this place!

Review from Foursquare.com

Very big portions. Everything is extremely tasty from the common Caesar Salad with roast beef to the main dish of the house – steak. Highly recommended. Goodman is smoking silently aside.

Review from Foursquare.com

This is the best restaurant! The service is of top level. Cuisine is fantastic. Very pleasant atmosphere with saxophone at the background. There is a smoking place and Wi-Fi. The prices justify themselves.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

We treated our guests from Check Republic in Meat Restaurant. Checks famous for its enormous portions in the restaurants were very impressed by 400 grams delicious steaks. We ordered assortment called Assado – variety of meet and sausages. There came a compliment from the restaurant to us – Argentinean Wine. By the way the week of Argentinean Cuisine is taking place there now. If you happen to come after 7 pm then you’ll be able to enjoy food as well as live music and watch tango dancing.

Review from Foursquare.com

For dessert I liked a tasty honey cake. The cuisine did not inspire me. The waiter was good and served fast.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

The food is very tasty. Of course there are steaks of all kind but duck confeit and fried baby potato with mushrooms is a true delight. The atmosphere in few words is stately, calm, cozy, chamber like and expensive

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

From time to time we go to this place to eat a great steak, they're just amazing, we have tried more than a half of assortment, and it’s always "Yummy!" Some of the best steaks in Moscow. The grilled vegetables are also nice we take them usually as a side dish.

Review from Afisha.ru

Soft, tender and juicy meat, delicious variety of steaks! Premium restaurant with the corresponding attitude to the guests! I recommend to anyone who likes to experience a real treat!

Review from Instagram.com

The "MEAT" restaurant - one of the few remaining places where they still cook beef from New Zealand))

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

I always take the salt platter to the meat, very original combinations are obtained.

Review from Instagram.com

My favorite salad! I order it seven times already at your place, and all my friends also like it. And as for plate for the bones – it’s generally a super idea!

Review from Afisha.ru

I dearly love all kinds of meat, especially steaks. I have been going to the “MEAT” restaurant in the Kuusinen Street for a couple of years regularly, and during this time indeed, as they promise, I’ve tried the steaks from around the world. However, there have been no new products for a long time in the menu. Surprise us with new interesting species, I look forward to it!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Great place! We go here for a long time: the meat is perfect(better to take the Irish or New Zealand Rib eye).

Review from Afisha.ru

I like the “MEAT”! It’s far away from the center unfortunately, you will not go through the whole city, but if you live in the north side - the best place for family dinners on weekends. Very nice interiors evenings with live music, the waiters always talk you about all and help you to make a choice. And the most important is, that all is really delicious - steaks are juicy, um ... My choice - definitely delicious, tasty Tagliata!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

A good place with a large selection of Hosper steaks and greatwine list. Unusually adequate service and the sommelier! There are a lot of apples on tables☺️

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

The first time I visited the "MEAT" about two years ago. Since then, it's my choice for Friday evening. Nice music, good atmosphere, incredibly delicious food and excellent service. What else do you need? In addition, there is a separate room, where it is very convenient to hold family meetings, birthdays and other events. This is probably one of the most favorite places in Moscow.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

A number of Moscow meat restaurants are impressive, but there are not so many with a really good meat cooking among them. I recommend everyone who knows what is the good beef to visit the “MEAT” restaurant. It includes an interesting interior, good service and the best set of meat of course. 10 points of 10 for the cuisine!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

All is good in this place! A harp at entrance, an excellent wine list and a charming sommelier. Meat is the meat! And Argentine meat is real argentine meat! Charming and wonderful people work here!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

If you are not far from the new shopping center Aviapark in Moscow and you want to visit a nice and expensive place you should go to the MEAT restaurant. Well atmosphere, friendly waiters, good menu and delicious food. Yes, in the current situation in our country it is hard to spend money. But if you have a great event, and you want a cozy atmosphere to celebrate it or to conduct negotiations, this place is for you. Enjoy your meal.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

If you are not far from the new shopping center Aviapark in Moscow and you want to visit a nice and expensive place you should go to the MEAT restaurant. Well atmosphere, friendly waiters, good menu and delicious food. Yes, in the current situation in our country it is hard to spend money. But if you have a great event, and you want a cozy atmosphere to celebrate it or to conduct negotiations, this place is for you. Enjoy your meal.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

We’ve been visiting this place since the opening quite often and we are very pleased. Best for the meat fans, just the meat and nothing more! The prices are reasonable for this segment.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

I must say, it’s not the budget place. One steak is from 2500 rubles and more. Nice atmosphere, very competent waiters. Do not hesitate, ask them – they recommend you a steak very sensibly as well as the wine and garnish for the meat. They explain you why this choice is the best. Everything is clear in this restaurant, from the atmosphere to the food and service. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Review from Afisha.ru

Excellent restaurant! I love the places, where people know their business best. This is one of those! All is clear, they cook only meat and nothing but meat. It is cooked in a wood-burning oven, and the smell is awesome. The choice of steaks is soooo big, I can’t find the words to describe that! It’s about 20 sorts or even more. I do not like fatty meat, so I ordered herbal Ireland beef with grilled vegetables. It’s just a gastronomic orgasm!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

That’s a restaurant for meat lovers. For foodies who really know a lot about cooking steaks right… and the price can reach 4000 rubles per serving. But it's worth it...

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Excellent unobtrusive service, delicious steaks. The feature: there are apples on the tables and it is offered to bring them sliced. Prices are high, but sometimes it’s worth to go there.

Review from Foursquare.com

I really liked it! The great staff, the great food, the amazing burrata, the Friday evening was accompanied by Saxophonists.

Review from Foursquare.com

The most delicious meat in Moscow and that's a fact! And not only meat by the way! :)

Review from Foursquare.com

I had a dinner in the MEAT restaurant this week, all European breeds were still in the menu. I really was afraid that I had to eat the beef from Moscow region instead of French and Italian steaks.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

One of my favorite steak houses in Moscow. If I turn out in the north of the city, I always try to go there. Steaks are served delicious, but huge, 400 grams, and I can’t cope with it alone :) So I order tagliata or the undercut, which is even called "for girls". Prices are not particularly low, but it's a common thing for a good restaurant.

Review from restaurant website

My favorite restaurant in the area! The steaks are always delicious, and the waiters are very nice.

Review from Foursquare.com

The duck leg is the most delicious for me in the restaurant)))) very cozy and staff is very friendly :)

Review from Foursquare.com

Good service. The octopus is divine, melt in your mouth.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Good steakhouse, coincidentally located outside the Moscow city center. Meat obviously prevails in the menu, but there are also salads, risotto, and poultry ... Non-meat portions were usually quite small, but on the other hand everything was tasty. Prices are impressively high, but that is what we expect from a steak house. Pleasant atmosphere and interior, very good service, and there was a girl playing the harp live near our table, like )

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Excellent family restaurant in a quiet Moscow district. Love the careful attitude to their main dish - meat! You can start eating it “rare” cooked and then ask to raise it to the “well done” condition. At the same time, while you wait for the return of your steak, enjoy excellent dry wines. Lucky me! The "Meat" restaurant is next to my house)).

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Out of curiosity, I came around to the beautifully decorated restaurant succinct called the "Meat". Several rooms, including a summer terrace. Gallant restaurant manager personally walked me through all the halls. Now, when the restaurant id Non-smoking, we have free choice of seats).
Space, unobtrusive interior, no foreign smells.
Despite the name of the restaurant, there is much vegetarian food. Dishes for every taste. Maybe it’s not so much seafood, but it is unnecessary here. The soups are curious. The meat was roasted like I asked, and they are enquired, whether roasting is satisfied. The big plus I think that the meat is not salted. Firstly, it remains pristine taste. Secondly, it is served four kinds outlandish salts and it can be dosed in accordance with your habits. Local cooking desserts are wonderful. All the portions are very large. The price tag is high (without wine full meal with fresh juice -100 $), but deservedly so.
The waiters are competent and prudent, always within sight, but not intrusive.
Many pleasant things: they serve hot damp towel for hands after meat; they offer a large selection of quality sauces in the original packaging; for outdoor jackets they bring Suit hangers; in the bathroom it is offered paper or terry towels.
So this restaurant is not pretentious, but a solid and high quality.

Visited on July 2014

Review from restaurant website

Lovely, delicious, tasty, sensible, comfortable, likeable, good, unforgettable!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

A restaurant with an interesting interior. Steaks - depends on the cook, baking is not always done correctly. It used to be Italian meat in menu - it was wonderful. The place is quite pricey, of course, but you can invite friends to a festive occasion, or the restaurant is also perfect for a business meeting. I also highly recommend you to try their wonderful desserts!

Review from restaurant website

Lovely restaurant, phenomenal cuisine, friendly staff!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Quite a nice Steak House restaurant, a wide range of meat (as you might guess from the name), good wine list, and meal is cooked in the hall! The place is very suitable for a romantic rendezvous, but first ask the girlfriend if she is not a vegetarian or she has nothing to do there with just a glass of wine)) A nice girl at the entrance, competent waiters, they can even help in choosing meat. The only negative, it seemed to me that the place is quite expensive for its location in a residential area.

Review from Afisha.ru

Excellent, mindful waiters who know well the cuisine (which is rare thing). Tasty devilled chicken.
And pork ribs - so juicy, you can fall apart...

I was attracted by abundance of various salts on the table for different types of meat. The waiter clearly tells you what is what. My mark is firm four.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Good meat restaurant! Pleasant atmosphere and good service! Well and prices are relevant! I’ve been here a couple of times with my friends! Steaks are so delicious!

Review from restaurant website

Guys! I love you so much! This is the most wonderful restaurant in Moscow, I’ve ever eaten and worked! I look at the new menu and once again I assure myself that Dmitry Alexandrovich - the best and the most talented chef!

Review from Foursquare.com

Meaaaat! All is very tasty! And as for dessert you should take a raspberry sorbet.

Review from Foursquare.com

My favorite restaurant. And for a long time. All is very professional. Both the service and cuisine. Prices are absolutely measured up by the work. Happy New Year everyone! Hurray! ;)

Review from Foursquare.com

My Favorite place in the area. Very tasty food and top service. It is worth to try their vinaigrette (well-liked salad is unusual served) and risotto with octopus and cuttlefish ink.

Review from restaurant website

This is one of the best restaurants in Moscow. The emphases are done very competently. Comfortable interior, nice music, helpful staff and fantastically delicious food. Good luck to you!

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Meat is good. Staff is friendly. Cozy tables. Very comfortable for the local audience for lunch and dinner. It is difficult to come here especially because of traffic jams in the city.

Review from Resto.ru

Crazy steaks! Very tasty meat, not so much spices, such as in El Gauchito. And their branded spices perfectly suited to the meal.

Review from Tripadvisor.ru

Wonderful restaurant not far from Polezhaevskaya station. First it is worth to visit to try different kinds of grill meat. I really like lamb, each time it turns out juicy and very tender. And grilled vegetables will be an excellent accompaniment. There are Saxophonist performances on weekends.

Review from Afisha.ru

Great restaurant for meat fans. The steaks are delicious, the waiters are fast. Nice to sit, eat delicious food, not in a hurry. Interior is made well the spirit of the cuisine. So I recommend it to everyone who loves good meat.

Review from Foursquare.com

For those who don’t eat meat - the menu has a great grilled octopus.

Review from Foursquare.com

Tasty. Wide choice of meat (as many as five 5 kinds of Ribeye). The staff is unobtrusive but mindful. Pleasant interior. Price matches the quality.

Review from Foursquare.com

Cola with lime – delicious.

Review from Flamp.ru

And along comes a weekend. And we wanted meat ... Actually, I'm not bloodthirsty, but I like to eat meat. Especially well cooked one. And as we all know, it is important not only good cuisine and cook skill, but also the source, so to say, the base material. So, as for the “MEAT” restaurant - Meat is really good. Ribeye that costs half thousand rubles (well done) was surprisingly tasty and incredibly large. A huge piece of meat on a huge plate. By the way the plates are breath-taking too. I have not seen before that Caesar salad was served in a huge soup-plate porcelain, which volume was similar to a small wash-basin with cutting edges. As for wine, we were advised to take something for 7-8 thousand rubles. And we’ve got it of course. But the feeling of unreality did not leave me for a minute. What a mad wine prices! Maybe I would have made up mind with it if I had brought the same basin. But, no. the 0.7ml bottle. Though there are probably people who drink only such kinds of wine. Thank God, I’m not one of them. Funny moment: when my friend after a hearty dinner and a glass of wine decided to smoke a cigar, he was very politely informed that the restaurant did not encourage smoking cigars. But as for the rest, it's a really nice place. It will catch the fancy of good meat and expensive wine fans.

Review from Foursquare.com

Very beautiful grilled vegetables)

Review from Afisha.ru

Very nice restaurant - great food, service, too, the atmosphere is pleasant, it helps to relax after the working day. My favorite place not far from home, I can in good conscience recommend it to everyone. The salad of tomatoes with basil and olive oil just must be tried.

Review from Foursquare.com

Great steaks and service and the right price.

Review from Menu.ru

As for me, I love this restaurant. My husband and I are tremendous meat eaters and we were very glad when this restaurant was opened in our area. Since then, all family holidays have been celebrated here. And we had no complaints on this place yet. The staff is very mindful and friendly, the decor is cozy, and their "fluffy" lights are so sweet. ) The food is amazing! They really know how to cook. By the way, our regular visits here look like little pleasant adventures. I remember the first few times I ordered American Ribeye, and then I tried the Australian one - and felt how different they tasted. Even America bio and common America are not the same. Now I’m experimenting. )

Review from Foursquare.com

Amazing food! Delicious, nourishing, large choice of dishes, good service. T-bone is incomparable! And as for the octopus, in my opinion, it is tastier than in Barcelona.

Review from Foursquare.com

Amazing salad with octopus, perfectly cooked steaks. Grass-fed is especially tasty. There is one sad thing - no wine in the price range of 700-1400 rubles. If it was, I would visit it 3 times more often.

Review from Foursquare.com

Taaaasty and service is great :)

Review from Foursquare.com

Pleasant place! Tasty, good price. Staff is charmingly unreal :-))

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