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Conceiving the idea of a European gourmet meat restaurant, specializing in the most sought after segment of the food industry, we put at the center the five basic principles which govern the work of our entire team. 


A place where guests feel comfortable

Our steakhouse is presentable and extravagant in everything from the idea to the decor. The first thing you see coming inside our restaurant is the warm, soothing tones of a refined European interior and the friendly smile of a hostess or administrator. Regardless of whether you came to dine or just have a cup of coffee, you will be offered a convenient place in the "smoking" or "smoke-free" zone in one of the halls of the restaurant. In the main hall, the meat dish you ordered will be prepared right before your eyes in an open fire oven. An intimate ambience reigns in the VIP or the upper halls, where you can retire and spend time in pleasant conversation. During rain or snow, or just on a summer day, you can get comfortable on the warm veranda. The waiters our steak restaurant will be along shortly, and will unobtrusively offer help in selecting dishes and drinks. At your request, a chef or administrator will advise you, tell you about all the nuances of cooking meat at our restaurant, and fulfill all your wishes.

Food that pleases

When creating the menu and wine list of our steak restaurant, we paid special attention to aesthetic conceptualization of the included dishes and drinks, the opportunity to experience the original taste of each product. The highest quality meat products that we use are delivered from Australia, Uruguay, France, Italy, Argentina, Canada, Ireland. Without such refined supplies it would be impossible to offer the quality our restaurant prides itself on. Our gourmet European cuisine will satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs of pleasure. We recommend that you try the amazing combinations of drinks and dishes from the main menu, and complete the meal with delicate homemade desserts. It is important for us that when leaving the restaurant, the guests take with them a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, of ease and joy!

Harmony in everything

We look forward to guests with a developed aesthetic taste, and are confident that a visit to our restaurant will give you not only a gastronomic pleasure. To do this, we thought carefully about the interior concept, both original and stylish, and zoned the space comfortably. The lighting solution favors a warm atmosphere and a cozy meal. Complementing the harmony, gently relaxing music is played in the background. The interior refinement is matched by a European customer service school: the staff is friendly and well mannered. 

Consistent quality

Our meat restaurant values ​​its good name. Every day we perform quality control of all products supplied to the kitchen. All dishes of the steak-house undergo individual control by the chef for compliance with the original recipes. The restaurant's engineering service performs daily monitoring of climate and ventilation systems on the premises. The entire staff of the restaurant undergoes regular trainings for compliance with European standards of customer service.

A place where you want to return

A circle of regular guests is the keystone of a restaurant's success and prosperity. Realizing this, we make every effort so that when you visit "MEAT", you would want to come back to us again and again. This includes the reasonable pricing, convenient location and stable quality of our service. We always welcome new friends, and appreciate your trust and consistency in the relationship!

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