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Steak - the meat of kings and the king of meat

The concept of the Moscow restaurant "MEAT" embodies the idea of a truly premium class establishment. That is why our meat restaurant stands out with its atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, fashionable design, and high quality service. The major role in this is played by the practical philosophy the investors, which defines the ethical and moral values ​​that are directly reflected in the creed of the restaurant. This is what dictates the specialization of the establishment as a full-service steak house, where the dishes meet the definition of haute cuisine.

The history of steak originates in ancient Rome. Here, large chunks of beef were roasted on grills during sacrifices. Britain is the second home of steak. There, the practice of castrating young bulls and fattening them for meat was spread. Steaks became a cult food in the UK, and the preparation of this dish is regarded as a significant event, which it, indeed, is.

The steak was not exactly food for everyone. Its preparation provides for special conditions and an appropriate atmosphere. All this, step by step, has created the concept of steak culture. In the UK, a Steak society existed, with well-known people and members of the British royal family among its ranks.

In the XVIII century, the recipe for steak came from England to other countries, and gained massive popularity as a dish for outdoor parties. It should be noted that beef has always been the queen of steaks. Of great importance is the method of fattening the animals. Especially appreciated by gourmets is the meat of grain-fed calves (in America it's corn, Australia - wheat). Fatty layers are formed in such meat inside the muscle fibers. This marbled beef turns out tender and juicy in the cooking process.


The quality of the dish depends on the butchering skill:
Rib - the steak is cut from the chuck portion of the carcass, and has a large amount of fatty streaks;
Striploin - the steak is cut from the loin of the back, a thin striploin;
T-bone - the steak (on a T-shaped bone) is cut from a portion of the carcass on the border between the dorsal and lumbar portions in the area of the thin edge of the longissimus muscle and the tenderloin;
Porterhouse - the steak is cut from the loin of the back, in the forwards tenderloin area;
Filet mignon - the thin edge of beef tenderloin, never comes rare.

These names are considered classic. The essential attribute of most steaks is the mandatory presence of bone, their original naturalness, that is the complete absence of further processing before cooking.

Our steak restaurant, on the principle of cooking, is a front-house, where the food is prepared in full view. The Josper oven is perfect for making steaks. This oven with iron grills does not require electricity, as it operates exclusively on coal. Due to the thick walls, the steak is roasted evenly and simultaneously from all sides. A so-called "heat stroke" occurs, which instantly creates a crisp on the meat, preventing the meat juice from leaking. This makes the steak light and juicy.

There are 6 degrees of roasting steak:
Extra-rare, or blue - steak warmed to 46-49 °C and quickly "closed" on a grill, moist, but not cold;
Rare - unroasted meat with blood (200 °C, 2-3 min), a steak grilled outside and red inside, steak temperature 49-55 °C;
Medium rare - meat brought only to a state of lack of blood, with juice of a pronounced pink color (190-200 °C, 4-5 min), steak temperature 55-60 °C;
Medium - medium rare meat, light pink juice inside (180 °C, 6-7 min), steak temperature 60-65 °C;
Medium well - meat with clear juice (180 °C, 8-9 min), steak temperature 65-69 °C;
Well done - fully roasted meat, almost no juice (180 °C), steak temperature 71-100 °C;
Too well done, or overcooked, - if the previous roasting assumed minimal presence of meat juice, this has none. Here, the steak temperature is over 100 °C.

Few people know how to cook a properly done steak, but our chef Dmitry Razumov has mastered this art.

So when you visit our European restaurant, remember that steak is a real dish for real meat eaters. This delicacy will give you strength and vigor, gift you with health and a happy mood.

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