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30 November 2015

Lamb tongues in curry sauce with caramelized carrots

The intoxicating aromas bouquet and Indian classic spices fascinating oriental veil sounds in lamb tongue (700 rub.). Russian ensemble of familiar names: boiled tongues, mashed potatoes and fried porcini mushrooms coupled with exquisite East motifs - herbs and curry sauce.
26 November 2015

The festival is over. Viva the Festival!

The festival is over and the new seasons, great wine and food and the best steaks from around the world lie ahead! Viva the Festival!
18 November 2015

Happy Saturday

Don’t miss the most important and bright Saturday of November!
12 November 2015

We are waiting for you at the Festival of Argentine cuisine!

Share with us a passion for steak and winy tango and Latin sounds! Every evening from 16 to 22 of November at the “MEAT” restaurant hot rhythms of the sun and of passion sound.
11 November 2015

Try real Argentina!

Let’s add some bright colors, enchanting melodies and delicious dishes in a gray Moscow Autumn!
11 November 2015

Painted gingerbreads and holidays preparations

Another workshop for children takes place in the "MEAT" restaurant on November 15th and will be dedicated to painting gingerbreads.
9 November 2015

The sounds of a harp for the perfect dinner

The musical atmosphere in the "MEAT" restaurant matches perfectly to the kitchen – the elegant, live music sounds in the evenings in our halls.
4 November 2015

New menu for the "MEAT" fans

Seasons follow each other, as well as in the “MEAT” restaurant and life does not stand still.
26 October 2015

We are cooking Russian meat dumplings - pelmeni!

On November 1st we invite our young guests of the "MEAT" restaurant to take part in the amazing workshop on cooking Russian meat dumplings - pelmeni. Traditionally we start our Family Sunday at 14 o'clock. The most hard-working and patient chefs have been waited by a worthy reward -the magician show "Kingdom of illusion."
26 October 2015

Queen of Halloween

A main autumn crop festival, the Celtic heathen’s heritage is coming.
22 October 2015

Argentine fiesta with a Russian accent

From 16 to 22 of November it will be hot and exotic in the “MEAT” restaurant - the Argentine cuisine festival take place these days.
19 October 2015

Autumn blues remedy

For the maritime curiosities fans we would recommend an octopus salad.
12 October 2015

Family Sunday October 18

Dear friends, on October 18 we’re meeting at the "MEAT" restaurant on Polezhaevskaya station. Traditional family Sunday, this time will be devoted to the Italian world-renowned celebrities - we will cook a pizza! The workshop will be hold by a beautiful Snow White. Young pizza makers will learn about the history and varieties of the dish and cook their own, unique first pizza.

In the end of the workshop and tasting, the participants will see a play "There was my grandmother." The classic story of the adventures of restive goats will end well as usual.

Opening at 14 o'clock. The program will last for 2 hours and 40 minutes. The event is for children from four years.

Some pleasant surprises are waiting for allies of the family Sunday’s tradition. See you!

Pre-registration is required +7 (499) 709-80-67 +7 (499) 195-13-58
7 October 2015

Children's festival was conducted!

We oppose the monotony of autumn days and organize a bright, exciting cooking show for all those who have turned four. The best remedy for cold and melancholy – family Sundays at the "MEAT" restaurant!
5 October 2015

We’re ready for autumn!

Due to the cold weather traditional autumn positions came back to the “MEAT” restaurant menu: Wild mushroom soup with pearl barley and rich oxtail broth, served with a variety of herbs and spices.
4 October 2015

Family Sunday October 4

Dear friends, we invite you to the first family Sunday, which will take place on October 4 at the "MEAT" restaurant on Polezhaevskaya station. The event program will be satisfying and entertaining. The opening at 14 o'clock with a real burgers cooking workshop. Ready cooking creations will be joyful and immediately eaten together with other participants. Parents of the little victors will also get some cooking creations to taste.

Then the young chefs will see the play-tale "Masha’s Forest Adventures" based on the famous Russian fairy tale "Morozko." When the good is finally win on the stage and the children go back to their happy parents, Sunday will be still in full swing.

Inspiring our children to culinary experiences today, we have a chance to get not only a glass of water, but also a delicious lunch in our old age.

Some pleasant surprises are waiting for allies of the family Sunday’s tradition. The event is for children from four years old.
1 October 2015

Family Sundays

This season, guests of the "MEAT" steakhouse are lucky to be witness and, we hope, active participants of the birth of a new tradition of family Sundays.

On Sundays, the restaurant will hold workshops on the food preparation. You can hardly imagine any modern kitchen without these meals. At the end of the cooking show children will go to watch a bright and magical performance based on the famous fairy tale, and parents will be provided to each other.

Opening: 14:00. Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes. The performances are for children from 4 years old.

Spend your Sunday with us!
28 September 2015

Steak from the distant Paraguay

The menu of the "MEAT" restaurant, offers you a new steak - Ribeye grain-fed Black Angus Paraguay on anti-crisis price of 1 500 rubles!

Come and try! This dish is perfect for those who want to get acquainted with the tradition of cooking steaks, but has not decided his or her preferences yet, as well as has not found a perfect breed and fattening. It is the first time when Paraguay is represented in the meat geography of the restaurant.
1 September 2015

The Day of Knowledge!

Congratulations to all pupils and students on the Day of Knowledge!

A sweet gift from the chef is waiting for every student in the "MEAT" restaurant today. While the child enjoys the dessert, the parents will be able to pay attention to our collection of delicious steaks with accompaniment of world's best wines.

Be smart and learn well, while we will take care of a healthy and tasty food for you!
29 August 2015

Let’s sweeten the beginning of the school year!

On September 1, the Day of Knowledge, the "MEAT" the restaurant prepared a delicious gift for the every schoolchild guest - one of the novelties from our sweet menu.

For parents, we traditionally offer a collection of the best steaks of beef breeds from around the world. Our hits: T-bone steak Black Angus New Zealand (3 600 rub.), Hereford Ribeye Argentina (1850 rub.) And Black Angus Ribeye Paraguay (1500 rub.).

We wish you a delicious holiday!
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